Hello everybody,

I show some pics that our GFPA`11 (VIPER TECH 2011 Version Gas Firing Pin Assembly) , it`s take from my friend `babapus`.

It`s an Evolution System of VIPER TECH`s AR-15 series GBB products.

GFPA`11 (VIPER TECH 2011 Version Gas Firing Pin Assembly)

In our GFPA`11 Upgrade Planning, the package including,

1. GFPA`11 qty. x1
(VIPER TECH 2011 Version Gas Firing Pin Assembly, made by CNC and Steel Firing Pin).

2. 2011 version Replica Steel Hammer qty. x1 (have evil-J).
 2011 version Full Stroke Hammer Spring qty. x1,
 2011 version Hammer Bearing qty. x1 (made by CNC only need one, another is unity with hammer).
 Hammer Pin qty. x1
 Hammer Pin Fix Coil Spring qty. x1

3. 2011 version Bolt Catch qty. x1

*Only VIPER TECH AR-15 series Products compatibility.

The benefit of it,
Insert mag never blocked by gas firing pin, no matter your insert strength. (cause of raising head firing pin structure)
full and force open mag gas valve. (cause of full stroke hammer spring)
gas valve open/close stroke control reliable by hammer, you could remove mag valve lock.
CO2 mag suitable.

Only our products customer could got it.


* kidviper is a member of VIPER TECH.