About Viper Tech

Viper Tech found its roots in producing OEM parts in the beginning. By a fortunate chance and helping hands from fellow airsoft enthusiasts, Viper Tech officially began manufacturing complete gas blowback airsoft rifles with great passion. Viper Tech adheres to the highest industrial standard in its manufacturing process following actual steps of real firearm production procedures such as: forging of upper & lower receivers, followed by CNC milling process and finally finishing with phosphate coating or anodized surface treatment. It is Viper Tech's mission to produce the most realistic AR rifle series from inside out (relative to real steel) within legal limits catering to the high expectations of the most passionate airsoft enthusiasts.

業務服務 : service@vipertech.com.tw

訂購傳真 : +886 4 2279-5648

TEL:+886-4-22795471 E-mail:vipertechairsoft@gmail.com